Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How was the Council established?
A- The Council was established by Senate Bill 141, signed into law in May of 2011.

Q- Does the Council receive any federal or state funds?
A- No. The Council is a non-profit charity that is fully funded by contributions from the public and private businesses.

Q- How can I contribute to the Council?
A- Please visit our Contribute Now page to make your contribution to the Council.

Q- Is the public permitted to attend Council meetings?
A- Yes. Please check our Calendar for a list of scheduled meetings.

Q. In what type of activities is the Council engaged?
A. The Council's most visible activity is coordinating the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute held each January in the state Capitol.   However, the Council in engaged in other activities such as working to establish regional Martin Luther King, Jr. Advisory Councils throughout the state, providing opportunities for leadership training for Georgia's youth through access to established programming, and assisting non-profit entities implement their programs to assist those in need.